Houseguard vs. Kennels

Why choose in-home pet care with Houseguard rather than Kennels? The benefits to in-home pet care for you and your pet(s) are tremendous. Much of the stress they feel while you are away is eliminated by remaining in their familiar environment.

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Customer Comments

Thank you for the exceptional service looking after our home while we were away. We appreciated meeting the sitter prior to leaving and were very pleased to see the notes that were left detailing the visits. Will definitely call Houseguard again! Thank you, Mike March...

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Information Required When Booking a House Sitter

When you place your trust with Houseguard Housesitters, we want to ensure that your experience is both pleasant and positive. Since 1992, we have prided ourselves on our professionalism and are proud of the testimonies we have received from the many satisfied...

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Flying South for the Winter?

11 Reasons Why You Need a Professional House Sitter Canadians are a hearty bunch. Year in and year out we make it through the winter season with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts. For many of us, we have paid our dues as hearty Canadians and have traded in our...

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"... was very pleased with the service - sitter made an extra trip because she thought the A/C was too cold for the cats. ... would really like to have her again."

- Sheila T.

"Fabulous service - have recommended it to several others. Great when you have no family here."

- Mike A.

"Thanks for the great service. I will rest easy knowing my place will be well cared for by your company. Thanks!"

- Angela L.

"My 19 year old kitty cat appreciates Jim very much. Thanks to you guys too."

- Debra M.

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