HOUSEGUARD is honored to have been looking after our client’s homes since 1992. We are a team of 40 and still growing.

We are not a security firm or a guard service. We act as an agent for you in your absence. You can rest assured that a level of protection is in place while you travel. Our services are designed to support seasonal residents with vacation homes, vacationers, week-enders, frequent travellers for work, people on the go and private owners of vacant property. We also represent owners or persons responsible for corporate owned or estate properties.

Your travel plans are made but what to do about your day-to-day household tasks such as caring for your pets, bringing in the mail, watering indoor & outdoor plants and just knowing that someone has their eye on your home? HOUSEGUARD will look after all those tasks for you!

HOUSEGUARD representatives are handpicked, professional people who we feel are exceptional. Our prerequisites include meeting the requirements of a criminal record check, background check and being bondable. A good knowledge of a home’s operating systems, and familiarity with potential problems related to vacant property is also essential. Outside of this we look for integrity, reliability and professionalism. Of course, HOUSEGUARD representatives also have a love of animals and pets.  Don’t be surprised if your pet misses you just a little less than you thought they might!

For your added peace of mind, unmarked vehicles are driven by all representatives.  However, you may see our office staff driving a vehicle decaled with HOUSEGUARD.

Feel free to give us a wave and say hello if you see us driving down the street!


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