House Care

Are you planning a vacation and not sure what to do to ensure your home is safe and secure? Thoughts about the furnace not working during our oh so cold Winnipeg winters leave you shivering?  Should you cancel your mail and newspaper? Who will be the eyes and ears for your home while you are away? Whether you require services once a day or once a week, HOUSEGUARD provides a professional service that can be personalized for your unique needs.

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In-Home Pet Care

People have been trusting the care of their pets to HOUSEGUARD representatives since 1992. Although there are a lot of imitators, there’s no pet sitting service quite like ours. The only thing they’ll miss is you!

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Live-In Service

Our live-in service will offer the same fantastic level of care as our in-home pet care but will cover the needs of pet(s) that require more time and attention. Our Houseguard representatives would be at your home on a similar schedule to an average work day. They would arrive at your home for dinner time, spend the evening and overnight. In the morning, they would have time to spend with your pet(s) before heading out to attend to their daily tasks.

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HOUSEGUARD will provide care for estate properties requiring simple or comprehensive care during probate, re-location, fore-closure or any time a property is vacant.
HOUSEGUARD will manage rental properties, both large and small and will arrange for maintenance and emergency repairs as required.
We will liaise with real estate agents, lawyers, purchasers, vendors or other parties as required.

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Yard Care

Seasonally we will care for your yard.

Count on Winnipeg weather to bring snow! Uncleared driveways and walkways are not only a safety concern, but a sign of an empty home. HOUSEGUARD will take care of your snow clearing while you are away.

Summer gardens are a delight but do require attention, love and watering. HOUSEGUARD is happy to look after your outdoor gardens while you are away from home. We will water and care for your gardens at your direction so they will continue to dazzle you when you return home.