Welcome to HOUSEGUARD Housesitters

A professional service proudly serving Winnipeg since 1992

Count on Winnipeg weather to bring snow!

Uncleared driveways and walkways are not only a safety concern, but a sign of an empty home. HOUSEGUARD will take care of your snow clearing while you are away.

Are you going to be away from home and worried about who will check your home & care for your pets? Should you cancel the mail and what about your plants?

Don’t let your worries about home and pet care be the reason you can’t get away.

If you haven’t called HOUSEGUARD yet, why not?

Do you enjoy weekend jaunts to the cabin?

Do you need someone to look after your home while you Snowbird down South?

Perhaps you are recovering from surgery and need temporary assistance with your pet.

Are you an executor and looking for someone to watch an empty home?

You have a family wedding or event that will take you away all day and not sure what to do about your pets?

Our Services Include:

Regular house checks to ensure your home is safe and secure

In-home pet care

Watering of indoor plants & mail pick up

Vacation lawn mowing, garden watering & snow clearing

Personalized services to cover your unique needs

Commercial Property Inspections & Relocation Services

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