Information for House Sitters - Houseguard Housesitters - Winnipeg House SitterWhen you place your trust with HOUSEGUARD Housesitters, we want to ensure that your experience is both pleasant and positive. Since 1992, we have prided ourselves on our professionalism and are proud of the testimonies we have received from the many satisfied customers that we have serviced. In our ongoing commitment to provide reliable and responsible housesitting services, we have compiled a list of information to allow you to familiarize yourself with our services and customer requirements.

Inquiries are handled both by telephone and email.  If you are forwarding a booking request by email, please include the following information:

– Complete names, including spouses.

– Complete contact information (including telephone #s: home, work, cell).

– Complete physical address and complete mailing address (if different).

– Type of service required (daily visit – for pet care; 48-hour visit; house insurance check, etc.)

– Dates service is required (THIS IS IMPORTANT: We need the departure date and time along with the return date and timing. We are very flexible as we do have customers changing their planned departure date several times due to various circumstances, such as sudden personal or professional developments or changes in weather conditions).

– If pets are involved, we require details on any possible medical condition or other specific concerns, which may include pills or other medications, insulin shots, special feeding instructions, etc.

– Plant information, including watering schedule (daily, weekly, etc.), misting, and quantity of water required for specific plants, etc.

– If yard maintenance is required, inform us whether you already have a service company. If not, we can provide snow clearing, lawn mowing and other outdoor cleaning and service.

– We must be notified of alarm company details (if applicable) and discuss the need for a keypad code and a password for the sitter. We also provide first alarm response if required by the customer. (This would need to be discussed in detail with a customer).

– If a last-minute booking, we would request a minimum of emergency contact information and when they would be available to meet with the sitter, among other important details.

Our terms are a 20% deposit on booking with the balance plus GST to be remitted on the last day of service.

– Preferred payment details: Cash, cheque, Interact E-transfer, Visa, MasterCharge, Amex, along with all necessary information (card holder name, expiry date, CVV (Card Security Number).

– We require an email address (if available) to forward the service agreement and invoice and to be able to contact the customer in case of emergency.

While the services we provide are general in nature, we also look after many specific requirements customers might have, which may include feeding outdoor birds or other yard-pets, etc.