Cat Quirks and Behaviour - Houseguard Housesitters - Pet Sitting Winnipeg, Manitoba

Because cats are the most independent of domestic house pet, they often are not of the most social nature and possess personalities and attitudes that, to say the least, are individual, if not at times peculiar.

While you as the owner have probably gotten familiar (more or less) with your cat’s behavior and idiosyncrasies, it is important that you share this information with your sitter before leaving your cat in someone’s care.

Feeding schedules should be maintained. While cats are prone to nibble throughout the day, as creatures of habit they also expect to have their food and water replenished at specific times. Since cats are basically fastidious, it is essential that their litter boxes are kept clean otherwise you’re likely to come across an unwelcome mess. It is also important for the cat sitter to be informed whether your feline is an indoor or outdoor pet. Houseguard has a policy of not letting cats out while they are under our care. We cannot be confident that a cat will return when called back into the house. Our visits are approximately one half hour and most outdoor cats are not ready or willing to return to the house during that time. It is generally very difficult or impossible to catch the cat to bring him back into the house. If a cat has not been exposed to the outdoor environment, that should not be a problem as cats of that nature, while curious, are generally fearful of venturing into unknown territory. An outdoor cat, on the other hand, is an adventurer and will certainly let you know when he’s ready to be let outside – or will attempt to escape to get outside. However, cats are now required by the city to be licensed and we ensure that your pet stays indoors during our visit.

A cat is always more comfortable and has less stress when cared for in his own home, with their own toys, their favorite place to nap and their favorite window to look out to watch the birds and other animals. Because of our love for pets and the affection we give them we make it our priority to become the cat’s favourite human during the time we share with them. In addition, some cats are particular about the person they favor. Would a male or female sitter be the better preference? As cats do tend to be suspicious, it is important to know whether he might also become fearful or aggressive with strangers and would that attitude be directed more towards men or women.

These are the questions and concerns that we at HOUSEGUARD address. Our cat sitters are pet lovers, knowledgeable and conscientious of their responsibilities when it comes to providing the proper care for your pet. They understand the finicky nature of cats and will accommodate to the specific needs of your animal, be it through your cat’s recreation or feeding preferences.