Fish Care - Houseguard Housesitters - Pet Sitting Winnipeg, ManitobaFor many people, fish are the preferred perfect pet. From a health standpoint alone, owning a fish aquarium has been shown to alleviate stress. Fish are also ideal for a beginner or first-time pet owner as they do not require a great deal of care. But fish still need attention to keep them happy and healthy. To that end, if you are planning a vacation or trip away from home, it is important that you do not neglect the needs of your fish. This is especially so if your absence will be for a lengthy period.

First and foremost is the feeding of your fish. Fish are generally voracious eaters and will gobble up everything that is poured into the aquarium, which can produce unwelcome consequences, such as discovering your finny friend floating belly-up in the tank. A measured sprinkling of fish food is recommended, just enough so that your fish eat everything before it sinks to the bottom. While there are several options to providing and supplying food to your fish during your time away, the best method is to have someone you can trust or a qualified and licensed professional pet sitter give the care needed for your aquarium pets. The benefits of the latter are plentiful. For instance your fish – like most house pets – may be fussy eaters and require a specific nutrition. Your caregiver should also be advised of the different dietary requirements of the type of fish you own. Carnivores require live food or carnivore pellets. Omnivores (which are the most common house fish) generally feed on a food block (which gradually dissolves in the water over several days) or in some instances pellets and dried foods which can be dispensed through an automatic vacation feeder. Finally, herbivores depend on a strict vegetable and plant diet. Your fish caregiver should be given complete instructions on their proper feeding. This is particularly important if different species of fish with different food needs share the same environment; your pet sitter must be informed to ensure that each need is satisfied.

Perhaps you have invested in expensive tropical or exotic fish. Understandably they entail even more special and precise care. These types of fish require tank equipment not necessary for goldfish or other cold water fish, such as a water thermometer and heater. These are items crucial to maintaining the good health of your fish. Gravel is also essential and rocks and ceramic ornaments provide areas for your fish to hide.

Attention must also be given to maintaining your fish’s environment: the fish tank or aquarium, as water health is of fundamental importance. At HOUSEGUARD, we provide daily maintenance, ensuring that aquarium lights are turned on and off and that the water temperature is monitored to remain constant. Weekly maintenance includes keeping the water clean and refreshed to remove toxins and contaminants from the tank. If monthly maintenance is required we will clean the filter or replace the charcoal and filter pads.

If fish are your choice of pet, rest assured that with HOUSEGUARD your fish will receive the same care and attention as we would service your dog or cat or other special animal friends.