Reptile Care - Houseguard Housesitters - Pet Sitting Winnipeg, ManitobaReptiles are a unique type of pet and require the same caring and attention as a dog or a cat or a bird. In fact, because many reptiles are of an exotic species, they may require extra care. There are many different kinds of reptiles that people house as pets, ranging from turtles and tortoises to various breeds of lizards: the gecko, salamander and iguana, the Pogona (more commonly known as the bearded dragon), and various types of frogs.

Each, however, has special care requirements, both for the reptile itself and its environment. If you are planning to be away from home for a lengthy period of time, it is important that you make the proper arrangements for the care and maintenance of your reptilian friend(s). In general, snakes are the easiest to care for as they don’t eat often. However, depending on the breed of snake it might be wise to have a qualified and reptile-comfortable pet sitter make visits to make sure the snake has sufficient food and water on hand. A pet sitter should definitely be required for lizards, turtles and tortoises during your absence as they need to be fed and watered daily. While greens are sufficient for tortoises and bearded dragons, many lizards are big eaters. If your reptile’s diet consists of insects, ensure that you have an ample supply on hand for your sitter, who ideally should also not be afraid of handling bugs come feeding time.

Again, depending on the type of frog you own some can go for a week between feedings, but the more delicate and active breeds should be fed at least every other day. Geckos have become a popular pet (due in no small part to their prominence in TV advertising). They are an easy pet to care for and their diet can be prepared quickly and efficiently by a pet sitter instructed on their culinary preference. It is also important that the pet sitter be informed of feeding schedules as the needs for reptiles are different. For diurnal species, feeding should be performed in the early morning. Nocturnal reptiles are best fed during the early afternoon. These specific schedules also allow for the pet sitter to get into the enclosures to put out food and clean water before the reptiles awaken. Enclosures, be they tanks or cages, should be cleaned out on a weekly basis so it is necessary that your pet sitter not be squeamish either in this process or in the handling of the tenant reptile.

While caring for reptiles is not everyone’s cup of tea, HOUSEGUARD specializes in the care and comfort of your reptilian pets while you are away. Regardless of the species, given the proper instructions prepared to your specifications, we guarantee your lizard, snake or amphibian will remain clean, happy and well-nourished as any other valued household pet.